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  I wanted to let you know that our security in Bangalore India went very well. The transportation for the crew was there upon arrival and again for our pickup from the hotel the next day. The driver and escort were courteous and helpful.

The initial feedback from our executives was that their transportation with a security escort went smoothly also. The guard and vehicle used seemed to blend in discretely, as requested.

We also appreciated the phone call with the offer for any further assistance when it appeared or departure was delayed. Fortunately, we resolved our maintenance issue and were able to depart without an additional overnight stay. Thank you for all your help.

Diego Andreu
Vendor Relations Manager, Security Services
FrontierMEDEX Go Further. Do More.

Dear Veena,
  I am sending you this note to provide some feedback on your services.
Anil and the driver did a very good job. They made certain to find out the entire drop off and pick up locations in advance and were always on time and ready to go. They were also very friendly and always willing to help. The driving was well done – careful and safe.
Thanks for your help while I was in New Delhi and I would recommend using your services again.

Best regards,
Brad Defenbaugh

Hello Veena and Anil!
  I hope you are all well! I just wanted to thank you for the great job you have done with the attached invoices. I know this was a large service, but the way you have presented the details (with names, dates, times, vehicles, and type of service), have really made it easy on our accounting department to understand and bill our client accordingly.

Thank you again and kind regards,
Eno Toro

Sr. Accountant
FrontierMEDEX Go Further. Do More.

Dear Veena,
 Everything was perfect. You and your team have done a great job. It was a safe travel back home.

Best regards,
Dorval Bernard

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