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Risk Security Solutions

Seam Group identifies assess control and mitigate risks for organisations for any man made or natural disasters.  We assist the client with SOP including preparation and prevention with damage control and containment measures. 

Competitive Intelligence/Market Intelligence

Today’s business and competitive environment is highly volatile. To ensure success on a regular basis companies need timely and actionable intelligence not only about competition but also about political, policy, economic, socio-cultural dynamics, and other external factors which has a direct impact on the business. We ensure that our clients get such information before hand so that they are prepared for all the surprises of the market.

We have helped clients in creating synergy using Hindsight and Insight and Foresight and generated Intelligence which is competitive to enable clients outflank and outmaneuver competitors and retain existing markets and acquire new markets such as Middle East and Africa. We have world’s renowned CI experts with deep insights into business operations.:

Operational Risks and Security Management

Seam Group expertise in identifying and mitigating Black Swan events and identifying and managing Strategic Inflection Points. We have helped clients in managing risks by using existing resources and by contingency planning and by getting the organization to invest in new resources for business continuity planning. Additionally, we have assisted clients in recognizing threats and identifying vulnerabilities which may be exploited by competitors. Assisted clients in mitigating risks of globalization in emerging markets and generated Early Warning.

Training Government, Military and Homeland Security (HLS) for intelligence and High Value Target (HVT) to Counter terror (CT) programs..

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